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Hlavacek has been a well-established name in the north shore area for over 80 years. The original owner, a botanist from Bohemia, came to America in the early part of the 1900’s and started a greenhouse on the outskirts of Chicago. In time he grew and moved along the North Shore.

His family continued the business and
added fresh flowers to the greenhouse. In the early 70’s Ron Hlavacek decided to branch out and opened up Ron Hlavacek Florist in Glenview. Ron and his wife Nancy worked very hard to make his flower shop a big success and made the family name very proud.

In 2000, Ron and Nancy decided to retire. They met with the current owners Maria and Dale Woltmann and sparks flew! Everyone sat for over 3 hours talking about each other’s floral history. Immediately all parties knew what they wanted to do. Maria & Dale wanted to purchase the business and Ron and Nancy knew they had found the perfect couple to replace them and carry on the family name.

Maria has been in the floral industry for 14 years. She formally owned a flower shop
in Chicago for many years and loves to
be creative. She especially enjoys working with customers, offering artistic ideas for weddings, special events and parties.

She also brings with her many years of outstanding customer service. Dale worked the wholesale side of the floral industry at one of the local wholesalers. Together they bring unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the floral industry.

After 3 months as new owners, Maria
and Dale had the best surprise ever. Maria was pregnant! On July 10, 2001 their son Marcello Dante, a new member in the floral industry is born.

The shop customers and the Glenview community have received Maria and Dale with open arms, who have maintained the excellent reputation that the Hlavacek name has meant for many years.

Maria and Dale together with their staff invite everyone to come and visit and experience the ambiance of the changing seasons.

They also want to thank their customers for the support they have given since they took over the shop in 2000.